Certificated Integrated

Optimisation of the company operating processes to support the business and improve the quality of service

The Integrated Management System (IMS) is the system used by Wind Tre to optimize operating processes in order to support its business and constantly improve performances. 

Wind Tre works on high quality standards set out by the main international regulations.
The certifications are regularly checked by an authorized Certification Body.
The certifications have been unified in a single system called Quality Management System (QMS).
The QMS operates according to the following guidelines:

• Set up and management of processes based on common rules;
• monitoring of processes with the aid of performance indicators;
• constant improvement of company processes.

The QMS is based on the Integrated Policy which sets out the guidelines and goals for all the areas covered by the system. The integrated policy is typical of the way Wind Tre deals with Sustainability issues, and provides an indication of how the results obtained should be interpreted and understood.

Integrated System Certifications

Certification obtained YearReference regulations
Environment2000UNI EN ISO 14001
Occupational Health and Safety 2001BS OHSAS 18001
Quality2002UNI EN ISO 9001
Social Responsibility 2004SA 8000
Information Security (Security Operation Center) 2007ISO IEC 27001
Information Security (Data Center RM-MI) 2014ISO IEC 27001
Integrated Policy

Wind Tre prides itself on being a company that bases our activities on constant dialogue and interaction with stakeholders, who we see as including individuals or groups of individuals who influence and/or are influenced by the company's activities, products, services and the relative performance results.
Wind's Stakeholders are therefore our Clients, Consumer Associations, Employees, Shareholders, the Financial Community, Trade Unions, Institutions, the community as a whole, Suppliers, Trade Partners and the Environment.
When dealing with these issues, Wind Tre set up a Quality Management System capable of following the various aspects with reference to the main International Standards for Quality, the Environment, Social Responsibility, Occupational Health and Safety and Information Security.
Wind Tre's Quality Management System has ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, SA8000 and ISO27001 certification.
The Integrated Policy sets out the guidelines followed by Wind Tre in order to operate under the Quality Management System. The Policy is revised as necessary, and in any case at the end of the two-year period of reference.
Document QU0061 "Safety Indicators" details our Occupational Health and Safety targets, while Environment targets are contained in document QUO0060 "Annual environmental plan".

Wind Tre's Commitment

•    To establish and maintain a two-way relationship with our Stakeholders.
•    To pay attention to issues affecting our corporate reputation, by promoting Wind Tre's commitment both internally and externally.
•    To ensure the quality of our products and services by understanding and meeting customer expectations, both internally and externally, while continuing to improve process effectiveness and efficiency.
•    To respect Employee rights.
•    Not to implement or encourage the use of coercion, physical or psychological violence.
•    To guarantee freedom of association.
•    To prohibit any form of discrimination against employees.
•    To guarantee the health, the physical and mental wellbeing of the people working in Wind Tre, guaranteeing constant compliance with the applicable Laws and Regulations and integrating them where possible.
•    To evaluate the risks associated with our business, defining and implementing measures to reduce them, with the aim of preventing professional illnesses and accidents in the workplace.
•    To keep safety requirements constantly up to date and make sure everyone has a complete and correct understanding of the measures to take.
•    To raise awareness of OHSAS through special initiatives planned as part of the Quality Management System.
•    To regularly monitor the System's activities in order to identify any areas requiring specific improvements for OHSAS18001 issues.
•    To strive to make our business sustainable by reducing impacts associated with the company's activities and keeping awareness high among our employees, encouraging them to take responsibility.
•    To focus on scientific and technological developments in the telecommunications sector, in order to reduce electro-magnetic pollution by our facilities.
•    To prioritise the reduction of our carbon footprint and our contribution to climate change through a responsible management of resources, with particular reference to energy sources that emit CO2 into the atmosphere.
•    To achieve our goals for protecting the environment, constantly monitoring compliance with current regulations and the performance of our activities, in order to keep on improving in line with ISO 14001.
•    To guarantee Security Management when handling data, by respecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information used.
•    To train staff to identify and reduce Information Security risks associated with the company's activities, promoting a widespread sense of responsibility when using information on the company, our clients or suppliers.
•    To pay particular attention to relations with Partners and Suppliers, raising awareness of the aspects Wind Tre Trecovered by the Quality Management System.