Wind Tre gets faster with Open Fiber: reached also Opera, Rozzano and Buccinasco

First tlc provider to reach the three Milan hinterland districts with Open Fiber FTTH services
Rome, April 17, 2018 – Wind Tre, together with Open Fiber, is the first tlc provider bringing in Opera, Rozzano and Buccinasco the ultra-fast fiber with Fiber-To-The-Home technology (FTTH), the only one that arrives directly into citizens’ homes with high performance.

Wind Tre and Open Fiber thus reach other districts of Milan’s hinterland, after San Giovanni and Bresso. Thanks to FTTH technology, Opera, Rozzano and Buccinasco citizens’ homes and offices are now connected to an infrastructure which allows the best browsing experience with a speed that can reach up to1 Gigabit per second.

Wind Tre ultra-fast line is available both with “Wind Home” offer, which meets family’s needs, and “3 Fiber” offer, mainly addressed to a young and new technology-oriented target.

The launch of the new infrastructure is supported by a local communication campaign with billboards and dedicated material reserved to the stores of Opera,Rozzano e Buccinasco districts.