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Importante notice
Nine months 2018 results

Please be advised that the scheduled conference call announcing Wind Tre’s nine months 2018 financial results has been canceled, so as to align public results announcements with those of the CK Hutchison Holdings Group. 
The quarterly financial reporting package will be made available in accordance with the financing documents.  

August 1, 2018
H1 2018 Financial Results

Wind Tre: synergies supporting EBITDA* margin growth. Fixed ultra-broadband strengthening. Stable cash flow
Wind Tre management presented via conference call the First Half 2018 Results.
For further details:
Please note: H1 2018 financial data are reported in accordance IFRS 15.H1 2018 figures based on IAS 18 standard are used for like for like comparison purposes, where needed.
* EBITDA before integration costs. H1 2018 integration costs of approximately €60 million, H1 2017 integration costs of approximately €140 million

Wind Tre announces
the successful pricing of senior secured notes offering

Wind Tre announces the successful pricing of an offering of €5.625 billion and $2.0 billion senior secured notes offering

Press release

Wind Tre S.p.A. announces the launch of €7.3 billion (equivalent)

Wind Tre S.p.A.announces an offering of €7.3 billion (equivalent) senior secured notes, in a combination of euro-denominated fixed and floating rate notes and dollar-denominated fixed and floating rate notes.

Press release