Consumer Associations

Consumerism is the area of law which protects and safeguards the interests of consumers, defined as users of material goods and services for personal use.
In Italy, the first Consumer Association was founded in 1955. However, Consumer Protection has only really been developed in over the last two decades, with the introduction of specific national legislation in line with EU indications. In 1998, at what was then known as the Ministry for Productive Activities, the National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU) was founded, and it still acts today to unite Italy’s most important Consumer Associations under the auger of what has now become the Ministry of Economic Development. The last important feature of national consumer legislation to be introduced was the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no.206/2005) which consolidates, coordinates and simplifies the existing regulations protecting the rights of consumers and users.
Today, Italy has 20 Consumer Associations which are members of the CNCU, in addition to numerous other associations that work on a local or national level but which have not received Government recognition.
Wind Tre, in line with its key value of transparency  for the customers of the brand “Wind” and “3” and in order to establish and consolidate stable and ongoing relations with the world of Italian consumers, has a special department responsible for Consumer Association relations (the Consumer Associations department). The dialogue between this department and Consumer Associations takes place on an operative level and an institutional level, both nationally and locally:
• on an operative level, the confrontations takes place through the management of complaints and joint settlements of issues presented by users through a Consumer Association;
• institutional discussions on a national level cover issues or projects of shared interest and often involve joint working groups put together by ministries or antitrust authorities;
• local relations consist in meetings with local Consumer Association bodies which relate to customers on a daily basis and are designed to promote Wind Tre’s efforts to improve its services and ensure customer satisfaction.

Consumer Associations

This table shows a list and the web sites of the Consumer Associations that signed the regulations and protocol for the new ADR.
AssociationAddressTelephone NumberFax
ACUVia Padre Luigi Monti, 20/C 20162 MILANOTel. 026428337026425293
ADICONSUMViale Degli Ammiragli n. 91 00136 ROMATel. 064417021 0644170230
ADOCVia Tor Fiorenza, 35 00199 ROMATel. 0686398975 0686329611
ADUSBEFVia Farini, 62 00185 ROMATel. 064818632064818633
ALTROCONSUMOVia Valassina, 22 20159 MILANOTel. 026689010266890288
ASSOUTENTIVicolo Orbitelli, 10 00186 ROMATel. 066833617 066867434
CASA DEL CONSUMATOREVia Bobbio 6, 20144 MILANOTel. 0276316809 0276392450
CENTRO TUTELA CONSUMATORI UTENTIVia Dodiciville, 2 39100 BOLZANOTel. 0471975597 047979914
CITTADINANZATTIVAVia Flaminia, 53 00196 ROMATel. 063671810636718333
CODACONSViale Mazzini, 73 00195 ROMATel. 063725809 063701709
CODICIViale Marconi, 94 00146 ROMATel. 0655301808 0655307081
CONFCONSUMATORIVia Mazzini, 43 43100 PARMATel. 0521230134 0521285217
FEDERCONSUMATORIVia Palestro, 11 00185 ROMATel. 06420207550647424809
LEGA CONSUMATORIVia delle Orchidee, 4A 20147 MILANOTel. 02483036590248302611
MOVIMENTO CONSUMATORIVia Casilina 3/T 00182 RomaTel. 064880053 064820227
MOVIMENTO DIFESA DEL CITTADINOVia Quintino Sella, 41 00187 ROMATel. 064881891064820227
U.di.Con. - UNIONE DIFESA CONSUMATORIVia Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 83/B - 00185 Roma Tel. 0677250783 0677591309
UNIONE NAZIONALE CONSUMATORIVia Duilio 13 00192 ROMATel. 063269531 063234616
Ass. UTENTI DEI SERVIZI RADIOTELEVISIVI Via Giuseppe Andreoli, 2 – 00195 RomaTel. 0662289628

Protocol of the Conciliation procedure and ADR Indentity

On the basis of the Protocol and Conciliation Rules signed between the customers association and Wind Tre, the Consumers Association can submit a request of conciliation representing the customer. The consumer can alternatively proceed independently.

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ADR entity

Wind Tre Spa – Consumer’s association member of CNCU

Protocol of the conciliation procedure of the institution Wind Tre spa Adr – Business bureau of CNCU

Wind Tre Spa – Consumer’s association member of CNCU

Application Consumers Association

The Consumers Association that have signed the Protocol and ADR Identity can start a conciliation procedure by clicking on the following link

Application for the Customer
Instructions for the free procedure of conciliation for the consumer

After having submitted a written claim or following a written reply by "Wind Tre" regarding the report, the Customer who is not satisfied, at his own choice,  can independently compile the Conciliation Application, following the instructions on the form and in ADR Regulation, by signing and sending it to the addresses indicated in the ADR Regulation, enclosing a copy of the valid identity document signed (Self-certification procedure as art. 45 subsection 2, of Presidential Decree No. 445 of 28/12/2000).
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Customer Application for ADR

Request form

ODR (Online Dispute Resolution)

The European Regulation regarding the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) - Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament of 21 May 2013 - concerns the procedures aimed to extrajudicially solve the disputes between companies and consumers origined by contracts for goods and services signed online.
The Conciliation Application can also be sent through a platform managed by the European Commission by clicking on the following link.